Are you a man-eater?

woman drinking a cocktail

No man in his right mind would say no to you. And if he does, then he’s not a real man. Right? Take our tiny three-question test and let’s see who really wears the trousers.

You’re really interested in a guy,
but he doesn’t feel the same way. So you:

friends on a night out

A: Ask your mates to put a good word in for you with his friends.

B: Grab his ass to MAKE him interested.

The guy you’re twerking up against has told you to leave him alone. So you:

couple dancing

A: Slink away, ego bruised, pretending like it’s no big thing.

B: Tell him he knows he really likes it and just keep on going.

Your guy says no to sex, that he’s tired and just wants to go to sleep. So you:

couple in bed

A: Respect his decision. He would do the same for you.

B: Climb on top of him and have your way anyhow. He’s a man. It’s all they think about. Who does he think he is to say no to you?


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You mostly answered B

Some might call you a man-eater. But you could be called something else in the eyes of the law. Any sexual act without the consent of the other party, whether they’re male or female, is RAPE.


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